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Increasing Home Comfort for Kids in Wheelchairs

Creating a comfort zone for our children is paramount, especially when they require the assistance of a wheelchair. Adapting our homes to meet their needs signals our undying affection, but it’s also a practical necessity that can significantly affect their quality of life. Here are ways to improve your home for kids who use wheelchairs.

The practice of home health care in Atlanta, Georgia, begins with easy accessibility. Entreating wheelchairs should involve minimum effort. Ensure all doorways are wide enough for easy passage and smooth, sharp edges that could cause injuries. Installing ramps at entrances is also a beneficial add-on.

Familiarity is crucial for children. Place frequently used items, such as toys or learning materials, within their reach. This aids their independence while simultaneously ensuring they engage in fun and meaningful activities. Proper placement promotes self-confidence and leads to overall well-being.

A reliable healthcare provider in Georgia can give expert advice on the special modifications required. This could include custom-built furniture, adaptive sinks, countertops, safety grab bars in bathrooms, or even creating a wheelchair-accessible shower area.

Lastly, when the changes are more substantial, consider a home remodel. Elevators or stair lifts may be necessary for homes with multiple levels. Side-opening ovens and lower countertops in the kitchen can also be instrumental additions.

At Rise & Restore Home Care, we help you actualize these improvements. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a hospitable environment for your child. We offer various services, including skilled nursing, companion care, safety monitoring, and more, all designed to ensure your child’s well-being and comfort.

Contact our home care services in Georgia today, and let’s transform your house into a comfortable home for your little hero.

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