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Why Choosing a GAPP-Approved Homecare Provider Matters?


Pediatric homecare in Atlanta, Georgia, plays a crucial role in ensuring that children with complex medical needs receive the specialized attention and support they require. Rise & Restore Home Care stands as a Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP) approved provider, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the unique needs of medically fragile children in the state.

The GAPP is a Medicaid waiver program that aims to provide home and community-based services to medically fragile children. GAPP certification signifies that a pediatric healthcare provider in Georgia has met stringent standards set by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) to deliver specialized care for children. 

Our home care and medical services in Georgia include tailored care plans, coordination with medical specialists, in-home nursing services, respiratory support, enhanced family support, and holistic palliative care, among others. 

As a GAPP-approved provider, you are assured that we have the expertise to manage complex medical conditions and that we can provide a level of care that goes beyond standard home care services. 

By choosing us, families can enjoy the convenience of in-home care, allowing the child to receive the necessary medical attention and child care within a comfortable and familiar environment. 

We prioritize family involvement in the caregiving process. We understand the importance of family-centered care, fostering collaboration, and providing families with the support they need. For families facing difficult circumstances, we provide compassionate palliative care that focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the child and their family. 

If you want to ensure top-quality care for your child, contact us now and avail of our services. Our GAPP certification symbolizes our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each child receives the specialized care they deserve.

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